Blazor tutorial for beginners | learn blazor from scratch

  1. What is Blazor | Text & Slides
  2. Blazor hosting models | Text & Slides
  3. Blazor project structure | Text & Slides
  4. ASP.NET core razor components | Text & Slides
  5. Split razor component | Text & Slides
  6. Creating blazor model classes | Text & Slides
  7. Employee list blazor component | Text & Slides
  8. Display loading indicator in blazor | Text & Slides
  9. Blazor data access strategies | Text & Slides
  10. What are RESTful APIs | Text & Slides
  11. Create core web api from scratch | Text & Slides
  12. ASP.NET Core REST API DbContext | Text & Slides
  13. Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core REST API | Text & Slides
  14. ASP.NET Core REST API get list of resources | Text & Slides
  15. ASP.NET Core REST API get by id | Text & Slides
  16. Post in ASP.NET Core REST API | Text & Slides
  17. ASP.NET Core REST API Model Validation | Text & Slides
  18. Put in ASP.NET Core REST API | Text & Slides
  19. Delete in ASP.NET Core REST API | Text & Slides
  20. Search in ASP.NET Core REST API | Text & Slides
  21. Call REST API from ASP.NET Core Blazor | Text & Slides
  22. Blazor route parameters | Text & Slides
  23. Display data from two or more related tables in Blazor | Text & Slides
  24. Blazor event handling | Text & Slides
  25. Blazor data binding | Text & Slides
  26. Blazor two way data binding | Text & Slides
  27. Blazor component parameters | Text & Slides
  28. Blazor EventCallback | Text & Slides
  29. Building a blazor form | Text & Slides
  30. Binding select element with database data in Blazor | Text & Slides
  31. InputSelect does not support the type System.Int32 | Text & Slides
  32. Razor class library and reusable blazor components | Text & Slides
  33. Bind input select element to enum in blazor | Text & Slides
  34. Blazor DatePicker | Text & Slides
  35. Blazor form validation | Text & Slides
  36. Blazor custom form validation | Text & Slides
  37. Compare validation in blazor | Text & Slides
  38. Validating nested complex models and collection types in Blazor | Text & Slides
  39. What is AutoMapper and using it in ASP.NET Core | Text & Slides
  40. Edit and Update in Blazor | Text & Slides
  41. Add database row in Blazor | Text & Slides
  42. Force reload blazor component | Text & Slides
  43. Delete database row from blazor | Text & Slides
  44. Child to parent component communication in blazor | Text & Slides
  45. Delete confirmation dialog in Blazor | Text & Slides
  46. Blazor attribute splatting | Text & Slides
  47. Arbitrary attributes and parameters in Blazor | Text & Slides
  48. Blazor cascading values and parameters | Text & Slides
  49. Blazor multiple cascading parameters | Text & Slides
  50. Blazor cascading values performance | Text & Slides
  51. ASP NET core identity setup in blazor application | Text & Slides
  52. How cookie authentication works | Text & Slides
  53. Blazor cookie authentication - Login page | Text & Slides
  54. Blazor cookie authentication - Logout page | Text & Slides
  55. Authorization in Blazor | Text & Slides
  56. Blazor authorize attribute | Text & Slides
  57. Authentication and authorization state data in code in blazor | Text & Slides
  58. ASP.NET Core Blazor course wrap up | Text & Slides

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Blazor tutorial for beginners | learn blazor from scratch

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  • Richard van der wath
    4 days ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    Thank you, this has been the best Blazor course I've found on the web. Simple, easy to understand and it works!

  • Edward Lyndon Madali
    1 week ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    ASP.NET Core (MVC, Razor Pages, Blazor)

    Thank you Venkat for your tutorials!

  • Aji Mustofa
    2 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Blazor is awesome

    Thank you very much, for this tutorial. very easy to understand and easy to follow. I hope Venkat can continue with the security concept for Blazor

  • Simple83
    2 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Amazing course

    Amazing course, very recommended!!!

  • Álvaro
    3 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Please complete this great course

    Congratulations on the course, but it is a pity that it did not finish for those of us who have followed it with great interest. I hope you post the security module. Thank you so much!!!

  • Shalini S
    3 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Excellent for Beginners

    Helped me a lot.Excellent tutorial.

  • Peter
    4 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    Excellent Blazor tutorial. Thank you very much for all your tutorials. They simply are the best tutorials in the .net world.

  • Frans Z
    4 weeks ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    A massive boost

    This course is for me a big motivation to (re)start with ASP.NET, EF Core and Razor. It gives me the big picture I was looking for. Thanks! Keep making courses this way. Next step Azure :-)

  • Steve Bondq
    1 month ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Only course you need for Blazor

    Everything you need to get started with Blazor is here, and anything else is covered in the other ,NET Core course. Best presenter ever!

  • Gilbert Mungame
    1 month ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Blazor Learning/C#/sql server

    Thank you sir, I have achieved a lot of skills from your training tutorials, I'm now an intermediate fullstack software developer. So much from you. Please do something on Xamarin. Thank you

  • Kevin
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Another excellent course from Venkat

    As always, Sir Kud Venkat’s tutorials are the best in their topics. Thank you very much for taking the time to pass on your knowledge to the audiences with such well organised tutorials and the course materials. When you think it's the right time, please continue for more blazor tutorial. Also, as another person has said, if you think the tutorials are helpful, please make a donation to encourage our teacher and show thankfulness for our teacher’s great works. Thank you very much Venkat!

  • Tarik
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Excellent article

    Thank you very much for doing this excellent Blazor courses.

  • SivaKumar S
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Blazor course

    I got so much out of this it covered a lot more than just the basics of using Blazor .it covered a lot of good webapplication development practices for C# .Net Core.I gained a better knowledge of using Identity with Blazor ,Dependency Injection .Great course !!! Thank you Venkat

  • Aimé
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    An easy to understand blazor course

    Thank you for a great blazor course which is easy to follow and understand.

  • Nicu
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Another excellent course!

    Venkat is the best trainer. If you follow this course step by step you will master Blazor and you will understand all you need to develop your own applications.

  • yokow g
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Blazor Course evaluation

    Extremely well done. Concepts were clear and implemented correctly. Thanks a lot for a great job. Since web applications are moving to online, instead of premises, Azure would be a great start. Blazor security, Web assembly some day, data structures, python. Thanks again.

  • Carl R Taphouse
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Well done

    I've been going through this video series for the last couple of months familiarizing myself with Blazor and ASP.Net Core in general. The content of the series was nicely structured and well organized. I'm looking forward to exploring other videos from Pragim Technologies. Nice job.

  • johnny
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    best course and teacher ever

    as usual venkat's course is the best and easy to understand. really appreciate your time and effort on all your videos!!

  • ying
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Blazor course

    I like to watch your videos to gain knowledge in programing. They are easy to understand. The concepts are explained by code and text systematically. I am looking forward to learning Blazor security, Azure and Data Structure from you. Awesome job!!!!!

  • Scott Saari
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Excellent Blazor course

    This is a very comprehensive Blazor course with the added bonus of combining a web API with a web project. As usual these courses have obviously had much preparation and are unusually well organized. This shows much respect for the students' time. We appreciate it! Since WebAssembly is now in general release, it would be great if you have time to cover it someday as well. Thank you for making a better programming world through your kindness and skill.

  • Dejan
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Clear as always

    Very clear lectures where you can quickly and understandingly learn about Blazor. Thank you very much Venkat.

  • Benny
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Best blazor course

    please continue for more blazor tutorial

  • E M
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    how do i receive he certificate of Completion

  • Aaryan Moin
    3 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Simply Unmatched

    You will not find a teacher like this anywhere. Concise, informative, digestible tutorials that will leave you feeling like an expert on the topics covered. 100% would recommend.

  • Rajan
    5 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    I thank you for this Blazor course

    Can you please show one cascading example, or one parent child selection example like State=>City

  • Ademola
    5 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    .net Blazor

    Simply the best tutor ever.

  • hakim ben
    6 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Best blazor course

    I thank you for this very interesting course, complete with documentation, and which allows people who can't afford to pay for courses. But please those of you who read my comment, if you earn money from these courses, please make a donation to encourage our teacher to continue to share us.


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