Blazor event handling

In this video we will learn event handling in Blazor with examples.

Display X and Y mouse coordinates

As we hover the mouse over an image element, we want to display X and Y mouse coordinates. In the following example, 

  • mousemove event is handled. 
  • Mouse_Move is the event handler method.
  • The event handler stores the mouse X and Y coordinates in Coordinates property.
  • The component view binds to this Coordinates property to display the X and Y coordinates.

Component View

<img class="card-img-top" src="@Employee.PhotoPath"
        @onmousemove="@Mouse_Move" />


Component Class

protected string Coordinates { get; set; }

protected void Mouse_Move(MouseEventArgs e)
    Coordinates = $"X = {e.ClientX } Y = {e.ClientY}";

Event handling using a lambda expression 

Instead of creating a separate named method in the component class and then specifying that method as the event handler we can use a lambda expression as the event handler directly in the HTML. An example is shown below.

<img class="card-img-top" src="@Employee.PhotoPath"
        @onmousemove="@(e => Coordinates = $"X = {e.ClientX} Y = {e.ClientY}")" />

Show and Hide Employee Card Footer

We want to show and hide the card footer when a button is clicked. The text on the button should also change from Show Footer to Hide Footer and vice-versa depending on the visibility of the footer.

Component View

In the example below

  • onclick event is being handled
  • Button_Click is the event handler method
  • The text on the button is bound to ButtonText property in the component class
  • The class attribute of the card-footer <div> eletemt is bound to CssClass property in the component class
<button class="btn btn-primary" @onclick="@Button_Click">@ButtonText</button>

<div class="card-footer text-center @CssClass">
    <a href="/" class="btn btn-primary">Back</a>
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Edit</a>
    <a href="#" class="btn btn-danger">Delete</a>

Component Class

ButtonText and CssClass properties are declared in the component class. In the Button_Click event handler the values of these 2 properties (i.e ButtonText & CssClass) are being changed depending on thier current values.

protected string ButtonText { get; set; } = "Hide Footer";
protected string CssClass { get; set; } = null;

protected void Button_Click()
    if (ButtonText == "Hide Footer")
        ButtonText = "Show Footer";
        CssClass = "HideFooter";
        CssClass = null;
        ButtonText = "Hide Footer";

CSS Class


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