SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners | SQL Tutorial for Beginners

SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners

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Download and Install SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition from the following link.

Download and Install (SQL Server Management Studio) SSMS from the following link

How to install SQL Server & SQL Server Management Studio (SSMA)

Part 1 - Connecting to SQL Server | Text | Slides

In this video we will discuss what is a database and sql server management studio. How to connect to SQL server using sql server management studio.

Part 2 - Creating, altering and dropping a database | Text | Slides

A database can be created, altered and dropped in two ways. Either graphically using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or using an sql query. In this video, we will learn creating, altering and dropping a database using both these approaches.

Part 3 - Creating and working with tables | Text | Slides

Database tables allow us to store data. In this video we will learn how to create tables, columns and establish primary key and foreign key constraints between the tables.

Part 4 - Default Constraint | Text | Slides

A default value for a table column can be specified using Default constraint. The specified default value is automatically used if a specific value is not provided. In this video, we will learn Default Constraint in SQL Server with examples.

Part 5 - Cascading referential integrity | Text | Slides

Cascading referential integrity constraint allows to define the actions Microsoft SQL Server should take when a user attempts to delete or update a key to which an existing foreign keys points.

Part 6 - Check Constraint | Text | Slides

CHECK constraint is used to limit the range of the values, that can be entered for a column. In this video we will discuss CHECK constraint in SQL Server with an example.

Part 7 - Identity column | Text | Slides

If a column of a table is marked as an identity column, then the values for this column are automatically generated by the database engine, when a new row is inserted into the table. In this video we will learn Identity column in SQL Server.

Part 8 - Get last generated id in sql server | Text | Slides

In SQL Server, identity column values are auto generated. We will discuss the different ways to retrieve the last generated identity value.

Part 8 - Get last generated id in sql server | Text | Slides

In SQL Server, identity column values are auto generated. We will discuss the different ways to retrieve the last generated identity value.

Part 9 - Unique key constraint in SQL Server | Text | Slides

UNIQUE constraint in SQL Server is used to enforce uniqueness of a column i.e the column shouldn't allow any duplicate values. We can add an Unique constraint through the designer or an sql query.

Part 10 - SQL Select statement | Text | Slides

As the name implies, Select statement allows us to retrieve data from a SQL server database table. If you want to select all the columns, you can use *, but for better performance use the column list, instead of using *.

Part 11 - Group By in SQL Server | Text | Slides

Group by clause is used to group a selected set of rows into a set of summary rows by the values of one or more columns or expressions. It is always used in conjunction with one or more aggregate functions.

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SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners | SQL Tutorial for Beginners

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  • Sushant
    1 week ago★★★★★
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    The Unstoppable

    Venkat sir you are really unstoppable. Very difficult to find such course on internet.Thanks a lot sir...

  • Koteswara Rao Ambati
    1 month ago★★★★★
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    Simply Awesome!!! Amazing Job by Venkat. I strongly recommend these videos ( Venkat's VIdeo Tutorials ) to any one who is willing to learn SQL and other areas easily. Great Job ny Venkat. No words.. I give 10 stars... Super.

  • Marjuke Rahman
    1 month ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    Life changing course. Thanks a lot.

  • Mike
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Really informative

    well laid out and extremely helpful

  • Ashar Hussain
    2 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Excellent Teacher

    I Have Learned Alot From You Including Dot Net And SQL Jquery javascript Thank you so much. this course help me to learn all db concept. Thank You.

  • Trupti
    3 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    Thank you very much! You are giving a beginner like us a platform to know about SQL Server before hand, and I'm really grateful for that! It is really helpful!

  • Neelam
    5 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Learn SQL

    I found this course on Youtube and for free had shocked me. The course curriculum covers major topics and Venkat is an amazing teacher. The course follows proper pace along with depth of the topic with example. Also, good amount of code is taught. Anyone can learn SQL here. Thank you, Venkat.

  • Muhammad Yasir
    5 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Superb Teacher

    i do not have words to express my feelings i just wanted to say you are on my TOP list youtuber who has extraordinary concept and knowledge..

  • Sandipan Choudhury
    5 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Excellent tutorials

    I really like this SQL course.Very good explanation.This is very helpful for us.

  • rekha
    6 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Good place to learn

    The tutor is teaching concepts in an easy and understandable way. happy to found this site. Thanks to all.

  • Hamna M
    6 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Must Watch Videos for SQL

    Mr.Venkat is truly an amazing teacher. whoever needs to learn SQL I will surely recommend this. You found the right place to learn from scratches. I learned a lot from here . Thanks

  • Jaymin Karthiya
    6 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    An Amazing Course

    Thanks for Sharing, Easy to Understand, for Every Platform like if you are reader, Learning by video or by slides it's free.

  • Hossam Alaaeldein
    10 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    I'd really like to thank Mr. Venkat and Mr. Mohammad Arafa for their great effort to explain SQL for people who want to start a career in the data business, even if you think you're good at SQL, you would still have new things to learn here

  • Justin A
    10 months ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    Venkat is an amazing teacher!

    What an amazing teacher! Thank you so much for breaking down these concepts for us! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago★★★★★
    5 5 1
  • Rupesh kumar
    1 year ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    Your explanation is really good and would like to see more videos

  • Luigi Zambetti
    1 year ago★★★★★
    5 5 1


    My primary source of learning on SQL Server, also for preparing the exam 70-761. Great course Venkat.

  • Lesley Whitehouse
    2 years ago★★★★★
    5 5 1

    SQL Courses

    I am bowled over and constantly referring to Pragim YouTube videos as they are so clear and amazingly perfect in the way they are produced at a perfect pace and with clear and definitive examples on SSMS and accompanying integrated notes. Don't know how I would manage without this source of learning and its FREE!, which is great and so endearingly modest.


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