ABAP Programming for SAP HANA

Course Duration: 40 Hours

1. HANA Introduction

  • a. Introduction to High Performance Analytical Architecture
  • b. Components and Tools of SAP HANA
  • c. Advanced Database Management
  • d. SAP HANA Software Editions
  • e. Hardware and software technology Innovations

2. SAP Components of SAP HANA

  • d. SAP HANA Function Libraries
  • e. Data Replication Methodologies
  • f. Life Cycle Management Components
  • g. Row vs Column storage,hotvs Cold data Storage

Performance Tools in SAP HANA

  • a. Understand the Runtime Analysis (SE30)
  • b. Understand the ABAP Trace (SAT)
  • c. Understand the Code Inspector (SCI)
  • d. Understand the SQL Trace (ST05)
  • e. SQLM and SWLT

4. SAP HANA – OO ABAP Concepts

  • a. Visibility (Public/Protected/Private )
  • b. Static/Instance Variables, Constants
  • c. Static/Instance Methods, Method Parameters
  • d. Interfaces, Interface Methods
  • e. Inheritance,Polymorphism, Abstract Methods & Abstract Classes, Casting

5. SAP HANA on Application Development ABAP

  • a. New Technical Options
  • b. Code Push Down
  • c. Impact on Database
  • d. ALV IDA Reporting on HANA
  • e. Webdynpro Applications on HANA
  • f. FPM on HANA
  • g. Developing Forms& Reports on HANA
  • h. Screen designing on HANA ABAP
  • i. Interfaces & Enhancements using HANA ABAP
  • j. Web service & Proxy Development on HANA
  • k. Net Weaver Gateway services on HANA

6. SAP HANA Positioning and Architecture

  • a. Architecture of SAP HANA
  • b. Data Provisioning
  • c. Modelling on HANA Platform
  • d. Data Reporting

7. SQL Basics for SAP HANA

  • a. Basic Concepts of SQL
  • b. Fetching Data from Tables / Views
  • b. Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
  • b. Data Aggregation
  • b. Modification of Data from Tables
  • b. Data Storage techniques
  • b. Accessing Data using Views
  • b. Database Transactions

8. SQL Concepts for SAP HANA

  • a. SQL Clause New Feature
  • b. SQL Functions
  • c. Using Tuple Variables
  • d. Case Statements in SQL
  • e. Group By
  • f. Order By
  • h. Between
  • i. LIKE Predicate
  • j. Order Precedence
  • k. Aggregate Functions
  • l. UNION and UNION ALL
  • m. Joining Table
    • o Inner Join
    • o Left & right Outer Join
    • o Full Outer Join
  • n. Data Manipulation
    • o Insert / Update / Delete
  • o. Data Definition
    • o Create column table
    • o Alter Table
    • o Rename Table

9. View Modelling in SAP HANA STUDIO

  • a. Attribute Views
  • b. Analytical Views
  • c. Calculation Views
  • d. SAP HANA Views in ABAP
    • o Approaching Code to Data Paradigm
    • o SAP HANA Views with Native SQL Approach
    • o Access HANA views in External Views in ABAP DDIC
    • o Transport of SAP HANA Objects

10. CDS (Core Data Services)

  • b. View Definitions using CDS
  • c. Open SQL usage
  • d. ABAP Language Enhancements
  • e. CDS implementation in CDS
  • f. Creation of CDS Views
  • g. Core Data Services View Definition
  • h. CDS View on View
  • i. CDS Views with Input Parameters
  • j. CDS Views Associations
  • k. CDS Annotations

11. SAP HANA Database procedures in ABAP

  • a. Database Procedures in ABAP
  • b. SAP DB procedures in ABAP
  • d. Creation of AMDP

12. Development Environment

  • a. Basic Principles of Eclipse
  • b. SAP’s Eclipse
  • c. Integration of Eclipse and SAP Software

13. ABAP Development Tools (ADT)

  • a. Installation of ABAP Development tools
  • b. ADT in Development System

14. Application Transport

  • a. Transport Management in SAP HANA
  • b. Combined ABAP/ HANA
  • c. HANA transport Container
  • d. Enhanced transport Container

15. Run Time Analysis with SAP HANA

  • a. Error Analysis
  • b. ABAP Code Analysis
  • c. SAP HANA Plan Visualizer

16. Advanced Topics

  • a. ABAP List Viewer (ALV) with Integrated Access to SAP HANA
  • b. Transport of SAP HANA Objects
  • c. Sever Side Java Script
  • d. XS-JS

17. FIORI Apps on HANA

  • a. Fiori Transactional Apps on HANA
  • b. Fiori Factsheets Apps on HANA
  • c. Fiori Analytical Apps on HANA
  • d. GATEWAY ODATA Services
  • e. UI5 Application Development

18. Overview S4/HANA

  • a. overview Simple Finance

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