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ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial for Beginners | .NET Core Tutorial

ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial for Beginners | .NET Core Tutorial

Prerequisites for this ASP.NET Core Tutorial

Basic C#, HTML and CSS. You don't have to be an expert.

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Why choose this ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners course

This free step by step asp.net core tutorial for beginners is a 20 hours course. We discussed all the asp.net core mvc concepts from basics to advanced to help you build real world web applications. Throughout this .NET Core tutorial we will be building an asp.net core mvc project from scratch that performs all the CRUD operations against a SQL Server database.

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Download the project source code from the following link. EmployeeManagement folder contains the asp.net core mvc project source code.

Part 1 - ASP.NET Core Tutorial | Text | Slides

In this video, we will discuss what is ASP.NET Core and it's benefits. ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications.

Part 2 - Setting up machine for asp.net core development | Text | Slides

Install the required software and set up our machine for ASP.NET Core development. There are 2 softwares that we need to install for .net core application development. An Editor like visual studio or visual studio code and the .NET Core SDK (Software Development Kit).

Part 3 - Creating asp.net core web application | Text | Slides

Creating a new ASP.NET Core Project using Visual Studio. The different project templates that are available and what they do.

Part 4 - ASP.NET core project file | Text | Slides

ASP.NET Core project file format and content has changed significantly compared with classic ASP.NET project file. In this video we will explore and understand the asp.net core project file in detail.

Part 5 - ASP.NET core project file | Text | Slides

Just like a console application, .NET core application also has a Main() method and it is the entry point for execution. In this video we will discuss, the significance of Main() method in an ASP.NET Core application and what happens behind the scenes when a .NET core application is executed.

Part 6 - ASP.NET Core in process hosting | Text | Slides

In this video we will discuss, in-process hosting model in ASP.NET Core and Kestrel. Kestrel is a cross-platform web server for ASP.NET Core. It is supported on all platforms and versions that .NET Core supports.

Part 7 - ASP.NET Core out of process hosting | Text | Slides

With out of process hosting, there are 2 web servers - an internal web server and an external web server. The internal web server is Kestrel and the external web server can be IIS, Nginx or Apache.

Part 8 - ASP.NET Core launchsettings.json file | Text | Slides

The settings in launchsettings.json file are used when we run ASP.NET core project either from Visual Studio or by using .NET Core CLI. In this video we will learn the significance of launchsettings.json file in ASP.NET Core project.

Part 9 - ASP.NET Core appsettings.json file | Text | Slides

In ASP.NET Core application configuration settings can come from configurations sources like appsettings.json, User secrets, Environment variables and Command-line arguments. In this video we will discuss appsettings.json file.

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ASP.NET Core MVC Tutorial for Beginners | .NET Core Tutorial

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