Free ADO.NET Training Videos for beginners and intermediate programmers

For your convenience, we have arranged all the ASP.NET and ADO.NET videos in a logical sequence using youtube playlists. If you would like to watch the videos directly on youtube, click on the links below. We hope you enjoy these videos. Happy learning. We want these videos to be helpful for as many people as possible. Please feel free to share the links with your friends and family.

ASP.NET video tutorial playlist

ADO.NET video tutorial playlist

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1. What is ADO.NET

2. SQLConnection object in ADO.NET

3. Storing and retrieving connection strings from web.config

4. SqlCommand in

5. Sql injection tutorial

6. Sql injection prevention

7. Calling a stored procedure with output parameters

8. SqlDataReader object in ADO.NET

9. SqlDataReader object's NextResult() method

10. SqlDataAdapter in ADO.NET

11. DataSet in ASP.NET

12. Caching dataset in

13. What is SqlCommandBuilder

14. Sqlcommandbuilder update not working

15. Disconnected data access in

16. Dataset.rejectchanges and dataset.acceptchanges methods

17. Strongly typed datasets

Free ASP.NET Training Videos for beginners and intermediate programmers

1. What is ASP.NET

2. Creating your first ASP.NET website

3. What is ViewState

4. Events in the life cycle of a web application

5. Difference between ViewState, SessionState and ApplicationState in

6. ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Events

7. ASP.NET Server control events

8. IsPostBack in ASP.NET

9. IIS - Internet Information Services and ASP.NET

10. ASP.NET TextBox Control

11. Radio Button Control

12. CheckBox Control

13. HyperLink Control

14. Button, LinkButton and ImageButton Controls

15. Command Event of an button control

16. Dropdownlist in

17. Data bind dropdownlist with data from the database

18. Binding an dropdownlist with an XML file

19. Mapping virtual path to physical path using Server.MapPath method

20. Mapping virtual path to physical path using Server.MapPath method Example

21. Retrieving selected item text value and index of dropdownlist

22. Cascading dropdown in

23. ASP.NET CheckBoxList Control

24. ASP.NET CheckBoxList, Select or Deselect all list items

25. Listbox Control

26. CheckBoxList and ListBox real time example

27. RadioButtonList control

28. Bulleted list in

29. List controls in

30. Fileupload control in

31. Adrotator control in

32. calendar control

33. calendar control properties and events

34. Hidden field in

35. Multiview control in

36. Wizard control in

37. Wizard control properties

38. Wizard control events

39. UseSubmitBehavior property of the Button control

40. wizard control templates

41. Literal control in

42. panel control

43. Creating controls dynamically using panel control

44. RequiredFieldValidator

45. RangeValidator

46. CompareValidator

47. RegularExpressionValidator

48. CustomValidator

49. ValidationSummary

50. ValidationGroups

51. Different page navigation techniques

52. Response.Redirect in

53. Server.Transfer in

54. Server.execute in

55. Cross page posting in

56. Cross page postback strongly typed reference

57. Opening new window using javascript in

58. Techniques to send data from one webform to another

59. QueryString in

60. Cookies in

61. How to Check if cookies are enabled or disabled

62. session state

63. Cookie less sessions in

64. Inporc session state mode management

65. StateServer session state mode management

66. SQLServer session state mode management

67. Application state

68. application state real time example

69. Exception handling in

70. Error events

71. Custom errors

72. Windows event viewer

73. Logging exceptions to the windows eventviewer

74. Logging exceptions as information entry type in windows eventviewer

75. Logging exceptions to database

76. Customizing exception Logging

77. Sending emails using

78. Sending emails in using SMTP server settings from web.config

79. Tracing

80. Writing custom tracing messages

81. Tracing in - A real time example

82. Application pool in IIS

83. Applications isolation using application pools

84. Application pools security

85. Anonymous authentication

86. Anonymous authentication and impersonation

87. Windows authentication

88. Windows authentication and authorization

89. Windows authentication and folder level authorization

90. Forms authentication using user names list in web.config

91. Forms authentication in and user registration

92. Forms authentication against users in database table

93. Forms authentication and locking user accounts

94. Unlocking the locked user accounts

95. Implementing password reset link in

96. Implementing change password page

97. Changing password by providing current password

98. Unlocking the locked user accounts using a web page

99. Implementing Enable button to unlock user accounts

100. Secure Socket Layer

101. Implementing SSL in web application

102. Redirect http to https in IIS using URL ReWrite module

103. Redirect http to https in iis using custom errors

104. User controls

105. Adding and using user controls on a webformAdding and using user controls on a webform

106. Raising custom events from user controls

107. Consuming user control custom events

108. Events and delegates

109. Loading user controls dynamically

110. Loading controls dynamically in ASP.NET

111. Navigating to a specific month and an year in an calendar control

112. ASP.NET custom server controls

113. Adding composite custom controls to visual studio tool box

114. Adding properties to composite custom controls

115. Solving the problems of composite custom calendar control

116. Adding custom events to composite custom control

117. Assigning an image to the composite custom control in visual studio tool box

118. Difference between user controls and custom controls

119. Caching in

120. Caching multiple responses for a single webform

121. Controlling caching in code

122. Fragment caching in

123. Web form caching based on GET and POST requests

124. Caching multiple versions of user control using VaryByControl

125. Caching multiple versions of user control using VaryByParam

126. Caching application data in

127. Different ways to cache application data in

128. Caching in - AbsoluteExpiration, SlidingExpiration, and CacheItemPriority

129. Cache dependency on files in

130. Reloading or refreshing cache automatically, when cached data is removed

131. Cache dependency on sql server database table

132. Reload data into cache automatically when data in the table changes

133. What is AutoEventWireup in

134. Add image slideshow to your website using ajax and c#

135. Display images in sequence in an image slideshow

136. Provide capability to start and stop image slideshow

137. Add images to slideshow using xml file

138. Add images to slideshow using database table

139. How to upload and download files

140. Creating an image gallery using and c#

141. Contact us page using and c#

142. Contact us page using and c# continued

143. Difference between http get and http post methods

144. How to check if the request method is a GET or a POST in MVC

145. Implementing autocomplete textbox in web forms

146. Why use master pages in

147. Master pages in

148. Passing data from content page to master page

149. Passing data from master page to content page

150. Default content in contentplaceholder of a master page

151. Assigning a master page dynamically

152. Master page content page user control life cycle

153. Menu control in

154. Using styles with menu control

155. Binding menu control to xml file

156. Binding menu control to database table

157. SiteMapPath control in

158. Binding menu control to web.sitemap file

159. TreeView control in

160. Binding treeview control to an xml file

161. Binding treeview control to web.sitemap file

162. Binding treeview control to database table

163. Dynamically adding treenodes to treeview control

164. Displaying organization chart using treeview control

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