SAP GTS Modules

  • 1. Compliance Management
  • 2. Customs Management
  • 3. Risk Management
  • 4. Electronic Compliance Management

SAP GTS General Basic Setting

  • 1. GTS Organization Structure
  • 2. Customs document type and Customs Item category
  • 3. Partner Functions and Partner Function Groups
  • 4. Legal Regulations
  • 5. Country Groups
  • 6. Definition of Determination procedures for Legal Regulations
  • 7. Activation of Legal Regulations
  • 8. Business Partner Configuration – Business Partner Roles and Groupings


  • 1. Sanction Party list screening
    • a. Master Data in SPL Screening
    • b. Sanctioned Party List Screening Scenarios
    • c. SPL Intelligent Screening
    • d. SPL Screening with Logistics
  • 2. Embargo Check
    • a. Releasing Blocked Documents
    • b. Report for Business Partner Embargo Situation
    • c. Legal Regulation: Country of Departure or Destination
  • 3. License Determination for Import/Export Control
    • a. License determination strategy
    • b. Configuration of License Type


  • 1. Product Classification for Exports and Imports
  • 2. Customs processing and Transit Processing
    • b. Customs Export Declarations
    • c. Customs Import Declarations
    • d. Monitoring for Customs Processing
    • e. Transit Procedure - Opening Transit Procedures andDischarging Transit Procedures
  • 3. Communication Process and Trade Document Services
    • a. Output Monitoring for Messages
    • b. Message Determination
    • c. Customs Document Printing
  • 4. Define Default Data Procedures for Custom Fields
    • a. Configuration of Default fields for Date Fields
    • b. Configuration of Default fields for Partner Data
    • c. Configuration of Default fields for Document fields
  • 5. Configuration of Incomplete Control settings


  • 1. SAP Risk Management - Preference Processing
    • a. Master Data for Preference Processing
    • b. Management of Vendor-Based Long-Term Vendor Declarations
    • c. Preference Determination
  • 2. SAP Risk Management - Letter of Credit Processing
    • a. Master Data for Letter of Credit Processing
    • b. Letter of Credit - Export Process
    • c. Letter of Credit - Import
    • d. Monitoring in Letter of Credit Processing

Electronic Compliance Management

  • 1. Maintaining Providers of Information
  • 2. Entering Default Values for Imports from Worklists
  • 3. Commodity Codes for Products in Intrastat Declarations
  • 4. Editing Intrastat Declarations

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