Create Azure API Management service instance

In this video we will discuss how to create a new instance of Azure API Management service. The following are the steps.

In the Azure portal serach for API Management services

create api management service in azure

Click Create

azure api management instance in the azure portal

On the next screen provide the following details and click Review + create

create azure api management


Your azure subscription

Resource Group

Select your existing resource group or create a new one


Azure region where you want this API management instance to be created

Resource name

  • Name has to be unique and can't be changed later. Both the developer portal and the API gateway uses this name.
  • API Gateway - <name>
  • Developer Portal - <name>
  • You can use your own custom domain if you want to, for example

Organization name

The name of your organization. This name is used in the title of the developer portal and notification emails.

Administrator email

The email address to which all the notifications from API Management will be sent.

Pricing tier

Determines the features available and the price you pay. Click here to explore all the azure API management pricing tiers.

Azure tutorial for beginners

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