Add api to azure api management

In this video we will discuss how to add an API to Azure API Management service.

As you can see from the image below, there are several ways to do this in Azure.

Add api to azure api management

For example,

  • You can create a Blank API and manually add each API operation which is obviously tedious and time consuming
  • If you have your API deployed in Azure App Service, you may use the App Service option to add your API and all it's operations automatically
  • Similarly, if you have the OpenAPI specification document for you API, you may use it to add your API and all it's operations automatically

Imported APIs

azure api management import api

  • You will find the imported APIs on the APIs tab in the Azure portal.
  • In the middle pane, you will see all the APIs. In our example we have 3 APIs (Echo, Employee and Employee Management APIs).
  • Employee API is selected and you can see all the supported operations on the right.
  • The Test tab allows us to test the API calls.

Azure API Gateway

azure api gateway example

  • Remember azure API Gateway sits on top of our backend APIs (in this case Employee Management API).
  • It is the API Gateway that is customer facing which accepts API calls and routes them to our backend APIs.
  • Verifies API keys, JWT tokens, certificates, and other credentials
  • Enforces usage quotas and rate limits
  • Caches backend responses
  • Logs call metadata for analytics purposes
  • Transforms your API on the fly without code modifications

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