Trainer's Profile :
  • Oracle Apps Functional Training is delivered by real time working software professional with over 12 Years Hands-on experience in Multi National Companies with multiplies Clients.
Training Approach :
  • The Trainer explains the concept from the basics
  • After ensuring that every trainee has well understood the concept, the trainer will move on to explaining how to apply the same concept to a real-time project with real time test cases
  • The trainer will then discuss all the possible interview questions related to the concept in general as well as relating to a real time project
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes on every working day and 2 Hours on weekends. Total 45 Days
Oracle Apps-SCM Training Course Content :
Oracle Applications Introduction
  • Oracle SCM Demo
  • What are Oracle EBS and its version?
Brief on SCM Functional
  • Explain about SCM
  • Basic Menu features of EBS
  • Navigation & Shortcut of EBS Application
  • User creation
  • Assigning Responsibilities
Purchase Modules
  • Introduction of Purchase Module
  • Define all the relevant Setups for Purchasing
  • Introduction of Purchasing Options
    • Financial Options
    • Purchasing Options
    • Receiving Options
  • Define Suppliers and Supplier Site
  • Define Buyers
  • Position Hierarchy Approval Groups
  • Approval Assignment Document Types
  • Lines Types
  • Freight Carriers
  • Requisitions and RFQ
  • Quotations and Quote Analysis Purchase Order flow
  • Manual generated PO’s and through Auto Create.
  • Types of Purchase Orders
    • Standard Purchase Order
    • Planned Purchase Order
    • Blanket Purchase Order
    • Contract Purchase Order
  • Receive Item against PO
  • Blanket and Schedule Releases Auto Sourcing Rule
  • Return transactions Against PO
  • Types of PO Controlling Receipt Routing
    • Direct
    • Standard
    • Inspection
  • Receiving Controls
  • Substitute
  • Cascade
  • Express
  • Blind
  • Un Ordered
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Customizations related to Purchase module
Inventory Module
  • Introduction of Inventory
  • Definition of Location
  • Definition of Calendar Definition of Organization Master Item Definition
  • Assign Item to Organization Item templates
  • Item Attributes
  • Unit of Measures
  • Definition of Sub Inventories and Locators On-hand Quantities
  • Miscellaneous Receipts and Issues Sub Inventory transactions.
  • Move Order Transactions Inter Org Transactions Mini-Max Planning
  • Kanban Planning
  • Shipping networks
  • Organization Access
  • Re Order Point Planning Replenishment Planning ABC analysis
  • Physical Counting Cycle Counting Controls
  • Lot, Revision, Serial, Locator and Sub inventory Flex fields
  • Account Alias System Item
  • Item Category, Item catalogue and Item Cross reference.
  • Inventory Transactions, planning’s Controls and Accuracy All other Relevant inventory setups
  • Inventory Period opening
  • Month end activities
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Customizations related to Inventory module
Oracle Order Management
  • Introduction of Order Management Understanding OM Cycles
  • All relevant setups for Order Management
  • Payment Terms Sales Persons Collectors
  • Grants and Roles
  • Customer Profile Classes Define Customers
  • Transaction Types System Options
  • System Parameters Shipping Parameters
  • Pick slip grouping rules Release sequence rules Define shipping methods Price list
  • Document Sequences Type of Sales Orders Quotations
  • Sales order Approvals RMA Cycle.
  • Drop Shipment
  • Back To Back Order Internal Sales Order
  • Blanket Sales Agreement Back Order
  • Credit Check Cancel
  • Holds
  • Internal Orders(IR/ISO)
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Customizations related to Order Management module
Multi-Org Structure and MOAC
  • Location
  • Business Group & Legal Entity
  • Ledger
  • Operating Unit
  • Inventory Organization Sub-Inventories
  • Locators
Human Resources
  • Organizations Job
  • Positions
  • Position Hierarchy Employees
System Administrator
  • Users
  • Responsibilities
  • Inventory Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Order Management Module
Business Scenarios (Manufacturing)
  • BOM
  • WIP
ORDER TO CASH (O2C) Cycle Flow
R12 New Features for SCM
AIM Phases and Documents
Project Types
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Migration/Up gradation
  • Customization
  • Global Rollout
Project Models
Project Instances