Trainer's Profile :
Oracle Apps Functional Training is delivered by real time working software professional with over 12 Years Hands-on experience in Multi-National Companies with multiplies Clients.
Training Approach :
  • The Trainer explains the concept from the basics
  • After ensuring that every trainee has well understood the concept, the trainer will move on to explaining how to apply the same concept to a real-time project with real time test cases
  • The trainer will then discuss all the possible interview questions related to the concept in general as well as relating to a real time project
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes on every working day and 2 Hours on weekends. Course duration 25 Days
Oracle Apps Advance Pricing Course Contents
The Oracle Advanced Pricing process normally initiates when a price for an item is created in the price list; the price for the item is called by the application. The qualifier and pricing attribute are used to select the eligible price or modifier. The price or the modified price adjustment, in the form of discount or surcharge, will be applied and final price is obtained. This final price is then applied against the item on the requested application. Oracle Advanced Pricing intervenes in the sales order entry process. At the time of order booking, the price for the item is required. At the time of booking the order, the list price of the item is picked by order entry from Advanced Pricing. When the order entry calls the price, the pricing engine calculates the price according to the pricing setup of the qualifier and modifier, and gives the final price of the item for the booking order, as in the following screenshot. We can see the unit selling price of 1 quantity that has been picked from the predefined pricelist.

Overview of Advanced Pricing
  • Learning basics about Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Understanding benefits of Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Learning about features of Oracle Advanced Pricing
  • Learning about the Oracle Advanced Pricing process
  • Understanding the role of the pricing engine
Generic Implementation Setup
  • Overview of setup steps
  • Understanding Oracle Advanced Pricing concepts
  • Analyzing pricing needs
  • Developing pricing solutions
  • Understanding customer and product hierarchies
  • Establishing pricing controls
Price Lists
  • Overview of price lists
  • Creating price lists and price list lines
  • Using price breaks
  • Setting up multicurrency price lists
  • Creating GSA price lists
  • Creating pricing agreements
  • Setting up bulk loader for price list
  • Overview of formulas
  • Understanding component types
  • Creating pricing formulas
  • Using Get Custom Price
  • Setting up profile options for formulas
Qualifiers and Qualifier Groups
  • Creating list and line-level qualifiers for modifiers and price lists
  • Creating qualifier groups
  • Using qualifiers with product or customer hierarchies - Oracle TCA (Trading Community Architecture) Parties
  • Appending qualifier groups
  • Overview of modifiers
  • Setting up modifiers in forms and HTML user interface
  • Identifying types of modifier lists and lines
  • Defining modifier lists and lines
  • Setting up price breaks
  • Using promotional limits with modifiers
Price Books
  • Overview of price books
  • Understanding full and delta price books
  • Learning price book implementation steps
  • Creating a price book
  • Defining price book publishing options
  • Maintaining price books
  • Republishing price books
Attribute Management
  • Overview of attribute management
  • Defining pricing transaction entities
  • Understanding and using contexts and attributes
  • Linking and mapping attributes
Pricing Security
  • Understanding levels of pricing security
  • How to assign security rules to pricing entities
  • Setting up default security rules
  • Understanding relationship between pricing security and multi-organization access control (MOAC)
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Using the pricing engine request viewer
  • Understanding the diagnostic concurrent programs
  • Learning about pricing engine messages and diagnosis