Free ASP.NET Training Videos for beginners and intermediate programmers

For your convenience, we have arranged all the Dot Net Basics, C#, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET and GridView videos in a logical sequence using youtube playlists. If you would like to watch the videos directly on youtube, click on the link below. We hope you enjoy these videos. Happy learning. We want these videos to be helpful for as many people as possible. Please feel free to share the links with your friends and family.

Dot Net Video tutorial playlists

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1. Installing MVC

2. Which mvc version is my mvc application using

3. Creating your first mvc application

4. Controllers in an mvc application

5. Views in an mvc application

6. ViewData and ViewBag in mvc

7. Models in an mvc application

8. Data access in MVC using entity framework

9. Generate hyperlinks using actionlink html helper

10. Working with multiple tables in mvc

11. Using business objects as model in MVC

12. Creating a view to insert data

13. FormCollection in MVC

14. Mapping request data to controller action simple parameter types

15. Updatemodel function in MVC

16. Difference between updatemodel and tryupdatemodel

17. Editing a model in mvc

18. Updating data in mvc

19. Unintended updates in mvc

20. Preventing unintended updates

21. Including and excluding properties from model binding using bind attribute

22. Including and excluding properties from model binding using interfaces

23. Why deleting database records using get request is bad

24. Deleting database records using post request in mvc

25. Insert update delete in mvc using entity framework

26. Customizing the auto-generated index view

27. Customizing the autogenerated create view

28. Customizing the autogenerated edit view

29. Using data transfer object as the model in mvc

30. View engines in mvc

31. Using custom view engines with mvc

32. How does a controller find a view

33. Html helpers in MVC

34. Generating a dropdownlist control in mvc using HTML helpers

35. How to set an item selected when dropdownlist is loaded

36. Difference between Html.TextBox and Html.TextBoxFor

37. Generating a radiobuttonlist control in mvc using HTML helpers

38. CheckBoxList in mvc

39. ListBox in mvc

40. Using displayname, displayformat, scaffoldcolumn attributes in mvc

41. Using datatype & displaycolumn attributes

42. Opening a page in new browser window

43. Hiddeninput and readonly attributes in mvc

44. Display and edit templated helpers

45. Customize display and edit templates

46. Accessing model metadata from custom templated helpers

47. Displaying images in mvc

48. Custom html helpers in mvc

49. Html encoding in mvc

50. Detect errors in views at compile time

51. Advantages of using strongly typed views

52. Partial views

53. Difference between html.partial and html.renderpartial

54. T4 templates in mvc

55. What is cross site scripting attack

56. How to prevent cross site scripting attack

57. Razor views in mvc

58. Razor views in mvc continued

59. Layout view in mvc

60. ViewStart in mvc

61. Named sections in layout files in mvc

62. Implementing search functionality in mvc

63. Implement paging in mvc

64. Implement sorting in mvc

65. Deleting multiple rows

66. Check uncheck all checkboxes with another single checkbox using jquery

67. Action selectors in mvc

68. What is the use of NonAction attribute in mvc

69. Action filters in mvc

70. Authorize and AllowAnonymous action filters

71. ChildActionOnly attribute in mvc

72. HandleError attribute

73. OutputCache attribute

74. CacheProfiles

75. RequireHttps attribute

76. ValidateInput attribute

77. Custom action filters

78. Different types of ActionResult in mvc

79. Areas

80. StringLength attribute

81. Range attribute

82. Creating custom validation attribute

83. RegularExpression attribute

84. Compare attribute

85. Enable client side validation in mvc

86. ValidationSummary

87. What is Unobtrusive JavaScript

88. Unobtrusive validation in mvc

89. Remote validation in mvc

90. Remote validation in mvc when javascript is disabled

91. Create a custom remote attribute and override IsValid() method

92. Ajax with mvc

93. What is Ajax and why should we use it

94. Providing visual feedback using LoadingElementId AjaxOption

95. OnBegin, OnComplete, OnSuccess and OnFailure properties of AjaxOptions class

96. LoadingElementDuration property of AjaxOptions class

97. Implement autocomplete textbox functionality in mvc

98. What is JavaScript minification

99. What is CDN - Content Delivery Network

100. What if CDN is down

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