PRAGIM Technologies: IBM MQ Admin Course Contents
  • Introduction to MQ
  • Installation of MQ/UnInstallation of MQ/ Maintinence Appy & Migration On Linux
  • MQ Objects Overview
  • Types of Queues
  • What is Message & Predefined Message Types
  • Types Of Persistence
Point-To-Point Communication
  • Basic DQM Setup Configuration On Distributed Systems
  • Channel Sharing (or) Xmitq Sharing
  • One-To-Many Communication
  • Many-To-One Communication
  • Troubleshooting Steps
  • Types of predefine MCAs
  • Logical Combinations On Message Channel
  • Channel States & Channel Properties
  • Channel Triggering
  • Application Triggering
  • MQ SERVER Definition
  • CCDT File Configuration
  • High Availability & Load Balancing
  • MQ API Calls
  • OAM Service
Types Of Logs
  • Error Logs (QMGR Error Logs & MQ Error Logs)
  • Transaction Logs (Primary Logs & Secondary Logs)
  • MQ File System Regarding Logs
Logging Mechnisams
  • Circular Logging
  • Linear Logging
  • What is Check Point
  • What Restart Recovery & Media Recovery (RCRMQOBJ)
  • What is Active Log, Inactive Log & Supress Log
  • How To Update Media Log (RCDMQIMG)
  • How To Perform Logs Backup using MS62 Support Pack
Dead Letter Queue & Handler Usage
  • Qload/Unload Usage
  • MSL1 Utility Configuration on Linux
  • QMGR Definitions Backup, ACLs Backup & Deployment (MS03 & DMPMQCFG)
  • Basic Unix Commands
MQ Security
  • OAM Service (Object Authority Manager)
  • BlockIP Configuration On Channel
  • Clustering Advantages
  • Cluster Components
  • What is Full Repository
  • What is Partial Repository
  • Types Of Cluster Channels
  • How To Configure Basic Cluster Setup With One Full Repository
  • How To Upgrade Existed Cluster To Two Full Repositories
  • How To Enable Workload Sharing in Cluster Network
  • How To Administrate Cluster Network using "SUSPEND, RESUME ,RESET & REFRESH COMMANS"
  • How To Use QMGR Alias in Cluster Network
  • How To Overlap clusters Using Namelist Object
  • How To Enable Cluster Security
MultiHopping On Distributed Systems
  • How To Configure Default Xmitq To QMGR
  • Ticketing Toll Overview With Monitoring Templates
  • Remote Administration
  • Client ReConnect
  • MutiInstance QMGR Configuration On Distibuted Systems
  • MQ Server Health Cheack
  • MQ Configutaion Files (MQS.INI,QM.INI)
  • MQ File System On Distributed Systems