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Download WCF Videos & Slides (Price - $50)

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What does the download contain
  • WCF ( 53 Videos & Slides - 12 Hours 1 Minute )

    1. Introduction to WCF
    2. Creating a remoting service and a web service
    3. Creating a wcf service
    4. WCF service implementing multiple service contracts
    5. How to make changes to wcf service without breaking clients
    6. WCF DataContract and DataMember
    7. KnownType attribute in WCF
    8. Different ways of associating known types in wcf
    9. How to enable tracing and message logging in wcf
    10. Message Contract in WCF
    11. Difference between datacontract and messagecontract in wcf
    12. Backward compatible WCF contract changes
    13. ExtensionDataObject in WCF
    14. Risks of implementing IExtensibleDataObject interface
    15. Exception handling in WCF
    16. SOAP faults in WCF
    17. Unhandled exceptions in WCF
    18. Throwing fault exceptions from a WCF service
    19. Creating and throwing strongly typed SOAP faults
    20. Centralized exception handling in WCF
    21. Bindings in WCF
    22. Configure WCF service endpoint dynamically in code
    23. Hosting WCF service
    24. Self hosting a wcf service in console application
    25. Self hosting a wcf service in winforms application
    26. What is a windows service
    27. Hosting a wcf service in a windows service
    28. Advantages and disadvantages of hosting a wcf service in a windows service
    29. Hosting wcf service in IIS
    30. Advantages and disadvantages of hosting wcf service in IIS
    31. WAS hosting in WCF
    32. Message Exchange Patterns in WCF
    33. OneWay Message Exchange Pattern in WCF
    34. Duplex message exchange pattern in WCF
    35. Sending large messages in WCF using MTOM
    36. Instancing modes in WCF
    37. PerCall instance context mode in WCF
    38. PerSession instance context mode in WCF
    39. PerSession WCF services
    40. How to retrieve the sessionid in WCF service and in the client application
    41. Single instance context mode in WCF
    42. SessionMode Enumeration in WCF
    43. Single concurrency mode in WCF
    44. Multiple concurrency mode in WCF
    45. Reentrant concurrency mode in WCF
    46. WCF throttling
    47. WCF security
    48. Controlling WCF message protection using ProtectionLevel parameter
    49. WCF bindings and the impact on message protection
    50. Authentication in WCF
    51. Message confidentiality and integrity with transport security
    52. Configure wsHttpBinding to use transport security
    53. Configure netTcpBinding to use message security
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