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Download LINQ Videos & Slides (Price - $50)

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What does the download contain
  • LINQ ( 32 Videos & Slides - 4 Hours 53 Minutes )

    1. What is LINQ
    2. Writing LINQ Queries
    3. Extension Methods
    4. Aggregate Functions
    5. Aggregate() Function
    6. Restriction Operators
    7. Projection Operators
    8. SelectMany Operator
    9. Select v/s SelectMany
    10. Ordering Operators
    11. Ordering Operators in LINQ II
    12. Partitioning Operators
    13. Implement paging using skip and take operators
    14. LINQ query deferred execution
    15. Conversion Operators in LINQ
    16. Cast and OfType operators in LINQ
    17. AsEnumerable and AsQueryable in LINQ
    18. GroupBy in LINQ
    19. Group by multiple keys in linq
    20. Element Operators in LINQ
    21. Group Join in LINQ
    22. Inner Join in LINQ
    23. Difference between group join and inner join in linq
    24. Left Outer Join in LINQ
    25. Cross Join in LINQ
    26. Set operators in LINQ
    27. Union, Intersect and Except operators in LINQ
    28. Generation Operators in LINQ
    29. Concat operator in LINQ
    30. SequenceEqual Operator in LINQ
    31. Quantifiers in LINQ
    32. LinqPad

  • LINQ to XML ( 5 Videos & Slides - 1 Hour 5 Minutes )

    1. LINQ to XML
    2. Creating an XML document
    3. Querying xml document
    4. Modifying xml document
    5. Transforming XML to CSV
    6. Transforming XML to HTML table
    7. Transform one XML format to another XML format
    8. XML validation against XSD

  • LINQ to SQL ( 20 Videos & Slides - 2 Hours 25 Minutes )

    1. LINQ to SQL
    2. Insert Update Delete using LINQ to SQ
    3. How to view LINQ to SQL generated SQL queries
    4. Using stored procedures with LINQ to SQL
    5. Insert Update Delete using stored procedures
    6. Stored procedures with output parameters
    7. What is SqlMetal
    8. Lazy loading
    9. Eager loading
    10. Difference between eager loading and lazy loading
    11. Single table inheritance in linq to sql
    12. Single table inheritance saving to database
    13. Compiled queries in Linq to SQL
    14. How to directly execute sql queries
    15. Identity Cache in Linq to SQL
    16. Difference between optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control
    17. Concurrency in Linq to SQL
    18. Handling ChangeConflictException
    19. UpdateCheck property
    20. Using ROWVERSION or TIMESTAMP to detect concurrency conflicts
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