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Download JavaScript Videos & Slides (Price - $50)

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What does the download contain
  • JavaScript ( 75 Videos & Slides - 12 Hours 25 Minutes )

    1. What is the use of JavaScript in ASP.NET
    2. Why do we need both client side and server side validation
    3. Disadvantages of JavaScript
    4. How to debug javascript in visual studio
    5. Tools for learning JavaScript
    6. Inline vs external JavaScript
    7. Where should the script tag be placed in html
    8. JavaScript Basics
    9. Converting strings to numbers
    10. Strings in JavaScript
    11. Substrings in JavaScript
    12. JavaScript substring example
    13. Conditional statements in javascript
    14. Switch statement in JavaScript
    15. Ternary operator in JavaScript
    16. Loops in JavaScript
    17. do while loop in JavaScript
    18. For loop in JavaScript
    19. Arrays in JavaScript
    20. JavaScript array push and pop methods
    21. JavaScript array mutators
    22. JavaScript array filter method
    23. Creating two dimensional array in javascript
    24. Functions in JavaScript
    25. Different ways of defining functions in JavaScript
    26. Local and global variables in javascript
    27. Closures in JavaScript
    28. JavaScript closure example
    29. JavaScript arguments object
    30. Recursive function in JavaScript
    31. Error handling in JavaScript
    32. JavaScript window.onerror event
    33. Working with dates in javascript
    34. JavaScript timing events
    35. How to create image slideshow using JavaScript
    36. Events in JavaScript
    37. Assigning event handlers in JavaScript using DOM object property
    38. addeventlistener and removeeventlistener in JavaScript
    39. JavaScript event object
    40. Event bubbling in JavaScript
    41. Image gallery with thumbnails in JavaScript
    42. JavaScript event capturing
    43. Preventing browser default action
    44. JavaScript to detect which mouse button is clicked
    45. JavaScript mouse events
    46. JavaScript popup window
    47. Using regular expressions in JavaScript
    48. Tools for writing regular expressions
    49. JavaScript strings and regular expressions
    50. JavaScript RegExp object
    51. Client side validation using regular expression
    52. JavaScript Minification
    53. JavaScript and object oriented programming
    54. Object literal vs object constructor
    55. Global namespace pollution in JavaScript
    56. Namespaces in JavaScript
    57. Private members in JavaScript
    58. Properties in JavaScript
    59. Static members in JavaScript
    60. Prototype in JavaScript
    61. Overriding JavaScript functions
    62. Inheritance in JavaScript
    63. Abstract classes in JavaScript
    64. Polymorphism in JavaScript
    65. Object reflection in JavaScript
    66. Strict Mode in JavaScript
    67. JavaScript Cookies
    68. JavaScript cookie attributes
    69. Store multiple key value pairs in a cookie
    70. Set and get multiple cookies in JavaScript
    71. Update and delete cookies
    72. How to check if cookies are enabled
    73. How to check if JavaScript is enabled
    74. window.location in JavaScript
    75. Debugging JavaScript in chrome

  • JavaScript with ASP.NET ( 13 Videos & Slides - 2 Hours 29 Minutes )

    1. Adding JavaScript to ASP.NET controls
    2. JavaScript confirm on gridview delete
    3. Select all checkboxes in GridView
    4. Change gridview row color when checkbox is checked
    5. ASP.NET TextBox and JavaScript
    6. Watermark in ASP.NET TextBox using JavaScript
    7. Disable ASP.NET button after click to prevent double clicking
    8. JavaScript to automatically tab to next textbox
    9. RegisterStartupScript and RegisterClientScriptBlock methods
    10. ASP.NET control client id in JavaScript
    11. JavaScript calendar date picker for ASP.NET
    12. Warn user before leaving web page with unsaved changes
    13. JavaScript password strength checker
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