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Download Dot Net Basics and C# Videos & Slides (Price - $50)

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What does the download contain
  • Dot Net Basics ( 7 Videos & Slides - 115 Minutes )

    1. Dot Net Program Execution
    2. ILDASM and ILASM
    3. Strong naming an assembly
    4. GAC
    5. How .NET finds the assemblies
    6. DLL Hell
    7. DLL Hell solution

  • C# Tutorial ( 101 Videos & Slides - 22 Hours )

    1. Introduction
    2. Reading and writing to a console
    3. Built-in data types
    4. String data type
    5. Operators
    6. Nullable Types
    7. Datatype conversions
    8. Arrays
    10. If statement
    11. Switch statement
    12. Switch continued
    13. While loop
    14. Do while loop
    15. For & foreach loop
    16. Methods
    17. Method parameters
    18. Namespaces
    19. Class - Introduction
    20. Static & Instance members
    21. Inheritance
    22. Method hiding
    23. Polymorphism
    24. Method overriding Vs hiding
    25. Method overloading
    26. Why Properties
    27. Properties
    28. Structs
    29. Classes Vs Structs
    30. Interfaces
    31. Explicit interface implementation
    32. Abstract Classes
    33. Abstract Classes Vs Interfaces
    34. Diamond Problem
    35. Multiple inheritance
    36. Delegates
    37. Delegates Example - I
    38. Delegates Example - II
    39. Multicast Delegates
    40. Exception Handling
    41. Inner Exceptions
    42. Custom Exceptions
    43. Exception Handling Abuse
    44. Preventing Exception Handling Abuse
    45. Why Enums
    46. Enums Example
    47. Enums Concepts
    48. Types v/s Type Members
    49. Access Modifiers - Private, Public and Protected
    50. Access Modifiers - Internal and Protected Internal
    51. Access Modifiers for types
    52. Attributes
    53. Reflection
    54. Reflection Example
    55. Late binding using reflection
    56. Generics
    57. Generic Collections
    58. Reason to override ToString() method
    59. Reason to override Equals() method
    60. Difference between Convert.ToString() and ToString() method
    61. Difference between string and stringbuilder
    62. Partial classes in C#
    63. Creating partial classes in C#
    64. Partial methods in c# - Part 63
    65. How and where are indexers used in .net
    66. Indexers in c#
    67. Overloading indexers
    68. Optional parameters
    69. Making method parameters optional using method overloading
    70. Making method parameters optional by specifying parameter defaults
    71. Making method parameters optional by using OptionalAttribute
    72. Code snippets in visual studio
    73. What is dictionary in c#
    74. What is dictionary in c# continued
    75. List collection class in c#
    76. List collection class in c# continued
    77. Working with generic list class and ranges in c#
    78. Sort a list of simple types in c#
    79. Sort a list of complex types in c#
    80. Sort a list of complex types using Comparison delegate
    81. Some useful methods of List collection class
    82. When to use a dictionary over list in c#
    83. Generic queue collection class
    84. Generic stack collection class
    85. Real time example of queue collection class in c#
    86. Real time example of stack collection class in c#
    87. Multithreading in C#
    88. Advantages and disadvantages of multithreading
    89. ThreadStart delegate
    90. ParameterizedThreadStart delegate
    91. Passing data to the Thread function in a type safe manner
    92. Retrieving data from Thread function using callback method
    93. Significance of Thread.Join and Thread.IsAlive functions
    94. Protecting shared resources from concurrent access in multithreading
    95. Difference between Monitor and lock in C#
    96. Deadlock in a multithreaded program
    97. How to resolve a deadlock in a multithreaded program
    98. Performance of a multithreaded program
    99. Anonymous methods in c#
    100. Lambda expression in c#
    101. Func delegate in c#
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